Stencil Information


- Unless indicated, all stencil designs remain the property of Made-to-Order NZ Ltd /  ibicci and are not to be copied.
- Prices when converted to your base currency are similar to those stencils available on the web from other sources. 

- Standard square stencils (5.5" to fit a Stencil Genie) start at NZ$4.00 for the Awareness stencils, detailed stencils from NZ$8.00 with very detailed stencils priced according to design.
- Landscape stencils have been created for larger cookies, and are priced according to designs. These can still be used in the Stencil Genie depending on the cookies size, and some, like the Bokeh hearts have been designed to be moved sideways within the Genie for a desired effect. The Landscape stencils work best in a Stencil Snap. You can purchase those here from Kiwicakes
- Cake stencils are individually sized in the photos and start from small strips through to almost 12"x24"  

- Cake stencils are always couriered Non-Signature within New Zealand unless requested otherwise. Wraparound and Long stencils may be loosely rolled and shipped in boxes. 
- Stencils are not normally sent tracked from New Zealand due to the high shipping costs involved, but there are options for International Courier or Express shipping on Checkout. 

We cut to order


- There is a minimum $45.00 Design Fee from April 2020 for detailed designs. Where the designs are deemed a popular theme and therefore can be resold on our website, the designs fees may be reduced.
- Custom Designs will generally be between NZ$35-80 per panel or stencil depending on the size and complexity of design. Mesh stencils attract a higher cost due to the complexity of making these. Indicative pricing upon request.


Exclusive designs will not be uploaded to the website or sold to any other party. Exclusive Custom designs will attract an additional fee of $165.00 as well as the Design Fee, stencil/s cost, and shipping.  ibicci reserves the right to use elements of such exclusive designs in other stencil work which may be sold on this website.


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