How do I order Custom Stencils?

Ordering Custom ibicci Stencils is easy.

Email Kat at with any ideas you have or any images you have found (Not Shutterstock or other copyrighted images please) with the size you require. Kat will evaluate them and email you with details and pricing.

How do I know the ibicci stencils will be the right size for what I want?

Working out if the ibicci stencils will be the right size is easy.

Ask us to send you a photo of the stencil of choice in the size you require. We will send you a photo of the stencil inside a Stencil Genie. Use the scroll button to resize the image of the Stencil Genie to 14cm/5.5" or copy/paste the image into Word, resize and hold the cutter up against the image. When ordering, please use the comments section to advise if the sizing needs to be adjusted, or email us alongside your order.

All ibicci stencil designs can easily be scaled up or down to best fit your requirements as each stencil is cut to order. 

What type of cookies are ibicci?

ibicci decorated biscuits are sugar cookies, not shortbread or sable. Our biscuits have been adapted for New Zealand ingredients and tastebuds and only the best and freshest ingredients are used in our cookies – we love to eat them too!
Our signature flavour is a delicious Vanilla/Orange which uses fresh Orange Zest and juice with a delicate orange Royal icing.
Vanilla/Orange is also available is Gluten and Dairy Free.
Our Egg Free Honey biscuits have a Vegan Royal icing

We do not add chocolate or nuts in any of our cookies, but may use fresh or freeze dried fruits in our speciality range - please enquire.

Do you ship internationally?

Our cookies have been sent overseas, and they are very popular for Kiwis to take to other countries. Contact us to discuss your needs.

How do I go about ordering custom-made cookies?

Firstly, there is an option here on our website for you to quickly initiate an order with ibicci. Just choose your budget amount, starting for One Dozen detailed cookies, or the budget for which you would like custom cookies for. A brief description in the comment field on what you are looking for, and Kat will contact you once your details have been received. 

And of course we work with you in person, by phone, email or Facebook private messaging. We firstly discuss the theme you would like - or ideas, colour palette, flavours and so on - then work towards what decorated cookies can be provided  within your desired budget. We send photos of the finished decorated cookies prior to delivery.

We like to provide a mix of sizes and shapes, simple and detailed cookies for a multiple cookie order, or something striking for a smaller order, such as our hand-painted cookies. 

Do you sell vegan options?

Not yet, sorry. Our vegan, egg-less, and sugar-free options are under development in 2016.  

If you want to be notified when these options are available, subscribe to our email list and we'll keep you informed.

Do you have cookies for those on special diets?

We have delicious gluten-free recipes which are also dairy-free. Based on solid coconut with our signature orange, It was very popular at the Marlborough Artisan Market. For Christmas offerings or for those who love gingerbread, we also have a gluten-free, dairy free option.

We are currently working on vegan, egg-free and sugar-free options – watch this space!

Are my choices limited to what I see on this website?

No, this is just to give you an idea of what we can do, and to make it easy to buy our ‘most popular’ options. We love to customise orders to whatever you need – whether it’s a portrait of someone special or a corporate logo, we can help. Just ask!

How are they packaged?

Cookies for eating the same day are delivered on platters and sealed for freshness with foodwrap.  Otherwise all ibicci come individually wrapped in cellophane packets with nutritional information panels and a list of ingredients.

We have had no breakages to date.

How should your cookies be stored?

When storing ibicci cookies, they are best kept out of sunlight, in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container.

If you have a platter delivered, keep the foodwrap over them until right before serving. 

Can you freeze your cookies?

Yes! ibicci cookies freeze very well providing they are kept in their cellophane bags and put in a container – such as a Sistema or ice cream container. When thawing, make sure you leave the cookies in the cellophane bag and thaw on your kitchen bench. Do not keep or thaw cookies in the fridge. 

This is a great solution for school lunches - or work lunches, for that matter...

Can you do colour-matching?

Yes, we can match to swatches of fabric (like bridesmaids’ dresses) or paint samples. Get in touch & we’ll work with you to create just the right cookie solution for your occasion and colour-scheme.

Do you take bulk orders?

Yes, we supply individual cookies right through to bulk orders. So if you're thinking about an order to stock up your freezer with biscuits for school lunches, or you want a large order for a particular event (like a wedding or conference) we can help. Simply contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I buy ‘naked’ (or un-iced) cookies?

Yes, definitely. We can provide you with un-iced cookies – you may wish to freeze them for school and work lunches, or you may like to ice them yourself. You just need to contact us to place an order.

I have a small budget – can you help?

We have something for every budget.

ibicci costs range from NZ$4 for small cookies, through to NZ$30+ for an A5-sized hand-painted ibicci.

If you need to keep the price down, we can steer away from the most complicated designs involving multiple techniques, to help keep it within your price range.