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How do I order Custom Stencils?

Ordering Custom ibicci Stencils is easy.

Email Kat at with ideas you have or any images you have (Not Shutterstock or other copyrighted images please) with the size you require. Kat will evaluate them and email you with details and pricing.

How do I know the ibicci stencils will be the right size for what I want?

Working out if the ibicci stencils will be the right size is easy.

Cookie stencils: Sizing for cookie stencils allow a margin around the design to take into consideration curves of icing towards the edges, piped borders and also spread of cookies. For Example: if the size states 4", the design is cut to fit a 4" cutter and not be 4" proper unless requested.
Ask us to send you a photo of the stencil of choice in the size you require. We will send you a photo of cookie stencils inside a Stencil Genie. Use the scroll button to resize the image of the Stencil Genie to 14cm/5.5" or copy/paste the image into Word, resize and hold the cutter up against the image. When ordering, please use the comments section to advise if the sizing needs to be adjusted, or email us alongside your order.

Cake stencils: Sizing for cake stencils generally is specified on the images under the product listing. Cake stencils always refer to the HEIGHT of the stencil. 4", 6". 8" etc means the design is designed for cakes that high. Always check the stencil image however as some designs don't translate to exactly that, allowing for the repeatable patterns. For Example, the listing may say 4" but the height specified may be 3.74". 

All ibicci stencil designs can easily be scaled up or down to best fit your requirements as each stencil is cut to order. Please comment on your order if you need a non-standard size or contact us for further information.