About ibicci - edible art

The name ‘ibicci’ was literally born from the Kiwis love of biscuits or (as we in New Zealand often call them) ‘biccies’ - add the inspiration from the iphone / ipad craze of today - and you have ‘ibicci – a heavenly taste of art’!

At ibicci we create delicious custom decorated sugar cookies in our Registered kitchen for every occasion - a special present, to celebrate, or to simply treat yourself or loved ones.

Our artisan baker Kat Rutledge has been baking since she was nine, following in the footsteps of her mother who was a highly-respected cake baker and decorator. She enjoys creating handmade edible art that mean a lot to the recipient - “every cookie I create tells a story and is made with love”.

ibicci is based in Wellington - New Zealand’s Capital City and we ship our decorated sugar cookies from Wellington throughout New Zealand.

Unique designs

Whether it’s a portrait, a corporate logo, childrens birthday characters or a meaningful message, ibicci can create any custom cookie design.

We create stunning portraits or scenes on cookies, from delicate watercolours through to bright, funky designs. 
We can colour-match to fabrics, such as bridesmaid dresses, or match your childrens' party invites for those special childrens' Birthday parties.

You can choose from our current range of  iced cookie designs, or find something in the Gallery that may be just right. There are lots of examples of our work on Facebook or Instagram (Instagram shows a lot of what happens behind the scene)

ibicci cookies are decorated using royal icing, food gels, piping, embossing, wafer paper, fondant and any other edible medium we find and use.  All our cookies are ‘edible art’. 


Types of cookies

Our sugar cookies are available in several flavours and styles, including:

  • Our 'Signature' flavour - vanilla with fresh orange juice and zest
  • Chocolate
  • Gingerbread (gluten-free and dairy-free) (NB; Christmas)
  • Orange (gluten-free and dairy-free)
  • Egg free Honey cookies (these are decorated using a Vegan royal icing)
  • On occasion, we create other flavours, such as our Raspberry, Strawberry or Blueberry cookies. 

Vegan cookies are currently under development.

Our custom decorated cookies are available as individual iced cookies, as sets, and in bulk. They can be ordered from our range of ibicci cookie designs or personalised for you. These tasty biscuits are decorated using various techniques such as royal icing, painted food gels, edible icing transfers and more, and all are beautifully ‘edible art’. Sets of naked, un-iced cookies are also available (great for the freezer for including in lunches during the week) Enquire for details and pricing.


We work within your budget and each order is priced individually.

A guide to our pricing is:

  • Individual decorated cookies - from NZ$4.00 - As a guide, medium detailed sugar cookies are NZ$8.00 each
  • Specialty handmade and decorated or hand painted large cookies - from NZ$30 (such as the A5 Kingston Flyer cookie)
  • Sets of decorated cookies - a Dozen cookies from NZ$90 (depending on design and techniques) + gift box. A set of a dozen cookies as a guide contain 4 feature cookies, 4 medium and 4 small cookies, or 12 of the same design.
  • Your Budget - with an indication of how many cookies you require, we can use different techniques to decorate cookies according to your budget.


Our decorated cookies are individually bagged and sealed in cellophane bags. Following the Food Act 2014, Cookie labels include the batch and best before date, nutritional information and ingredients. Cookies being shipped are carefully packaged in foam sheets or bubble wrap and boxed. Where it is a special occasion, gift boxes such as shown below are used to complement the cookies, and personalised gift tags with messages are created.

Decorated cookies for eating the same day are delivered on platters and sealed for freshness with foodwrap. Where ibicci platters or sets are provided like this, nutritional and ingredient information is supplied separately.

  Packaged cookie and gift box  Packaged cookies and gifts  Packaged cookies

Please contact us for further information or to order your custom cookies.