Hibiscus Single Flowers stencil

Hibiscus Single Flowers stencils - in 1 or 3 part

Design Options


From $26.00 NZD

These designs complement the Hibiscus Swag stencil, as I thought they would look great on a 2nd tier of a cake, or put together with the Side Groups and other stencils to create interest.

Design Sizes  - Please note these come as a PAIR on a single A4 stencil: 
LEFT: 2.50" x 3.03" - 63mm x 77mm
RIGHT: 2.50" x 3.47" - 63mm x 88mm
If you would like them in bigger sizes, just pop a comment in on the order and I'll cut them to the size you want.
For smaller sizes, please see the Cookie versions of the above

* Hibiscus Single Flower groups - 2 and 3 part colour example

Hibiscus Single Flower stencils - 2 and 3 colour examples


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