Hibiscus Swag Wrap stencil

Hibiscus Swag Wrap stencil in various sizes and in 4 part stencil options for airbrushing



From $52.00 NZD

This Wrap stencil is double the Hibiscus Swag stencil, allowing a 4" stencil and made available for all clients who love the ibicci Wrap stencils.
Again, this design is repeatable  so doesn't matter what diameter a cake is, and is available in 4 parts for airbrushing *.

Please note the sizes of these stencils is designed to have space above and below the design so it will fit in the middle of the sides of cakes.

Design Sizes : 
To fit 4" high cakes: 3.79" x 13.11" - 96mm x 33mm - If there is interest, it can be made into a 3 repeat - approx 20"
To fit 5" high cakes: 4.33" x 15"  - 110mm x 381mm
To fit 6" high cakes: 5.44" x 18.84" - 138mm x 379mm
To fit 7-8" high cakes: 6.50" x 22.50" - 165mm x 572mm

* Hibiscus Swag - 4 part colour example - Please enquire as these are cut to order

Hibiscus Swag stencils - 4 part colour example


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