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Roses & Leaves Cake Stencil

ibicci Rose & Leaves Cake stencil - 1 part (others to follow)

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ibicci Rose & Leaves Cake stencil - 1 part (others to follow)ibicci Rose & Leaves Cake stencil - Tested on bench (no cakes here!)Birthday cake airbrushed using the ibicci Roses & Leaves Cake stencil

The first of the Roses Cake stencils using the re-designed Rose Spray stencil elements. We love this one dearly as it looks so delicate and would look wonderful in many ways.
Using the 1 part, it can be stencilled in white royal, left to dry, then painted or dusted to colour co-ordinate (see the Rose Spray for an example of this). It would also be great for an experienced airbrush operator too - after royal stencilling, stencil can be popped back on and the design airbrushed.
The 4 part naturally points to airbrushing to get a quicker result but this can also be used to airbrush 3 elements and royal stencil the lightest rose colour - for something different.
If you would like any other combination - for instance leaves and stems in one part, roses and buds in a 2nd (OK we were asked so we've included this option), please contact us - we'd be happy to do this ahead of our next planned additions to this range

The actual design size measures approx 145mm*267mm (5.75"*10.5") and has been designed to wrap around with minimal join issues due to the nature of the placement of the elements. It is suggested that you take note of how the elements come together first as mask off  to avoid overlapping on larger cakes.
Also, note how the leaves make a top and bottom border - by using one of the complimenting cookie stencils (such as U585 Rose and Leaves, or U589 Stemmed Roses, buds and leaves) further leaves can be added to give more height to the design, and also to add accents of the top of the cake easily. (not to mention would be great for co-ordinating cookies)

Of note - This cake stencil in 1 part form takes 20 minutes to cut and further time to 'weed' , trim and package, the 4 part naturally takes longer. This is reflected in the prices of this exclusive ibicci stencil.

The ibicci Cake Stencils measure approximately 11.75"x8.25” / 30x21cm and most designs are cut to allow the stencils to be trimmed as required for placement on the sides and tops of cakes.
ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic

Stencils are quick to use and enhance the cookies or cakes you are decorating. Common ways of using stencils are with magnetic frames such as the Stencil Genie, by using magnets on the corners of the stencils, or simply held by hand. ibicci stencils are primarily made for decorating cookies and cakes however the stencils can be used to apply designs on a wide variety of surfaces including walls, wood, fabric, glass etc. 

Care: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry or pat dry with paper towels.



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