Queen Bee Wings stencil set

Queen Bee Wings 2 part stencil set


$27.80 NZD


Designed by Kat for Queen Bee cookies for Putake Honey, a Marlborough based Beekeeping company.

ibicci Queen Bee cookies - Royal icing

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very fine parts in the mesh stencil, I lose 2-3 stencils for each 1 stencil actually completed for sale - these are Hard to make, time consuming and the price reflects this.

This stencil set is  in 2 parts and is made for a 3" wingspan:
- the first stencil is a normal stencil with open space to stencil the base wings.
- the second stencil is a Mesh stencil and is for airbrushing the wing veins on (I used Americolor brown)

Progress shots (including how the base cookies were airbrushed with the ibicci honeycomb stencil first)

Both ibicci Square stencils measure approximately 5.5" / 14.2cm square and fits the Stencil Genie or Stencil Snap. Normal ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic and the Mesh stencils are made using layered Vinyl and 110 Mesh

STENCIL CARE: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry either smoothing in a clean tea towel or pat dry with paper towels. Ensure they are fully dry before storing. An iron may be used on a very low setting to flatten mesh stencils but care must be taken.