Hunting Dog and Pig combined stencil

Hunting Dog and Pig stencil


$8.00 NZD


Part of a hunting set recently done for Morgan Edwards - a Raglan Cake decorator and Fantastic Pet portrait artist who did a great job on her cake as you can see below. Parts of the bush scene Morgan hand painted, other parts used our Native Bush plant stencils, such as the Cabbage Tree and Flax bushes.

Rather than have a Cake stencil, I did the new stencils including the Native Bush in separate stencils so Morgan could place them where she wanted to as she created the scene.

Morgans Cakes & Portraits 21st Hunting Cake

You can see more photos in the Hunter and Deer stencil listing and on her FB page - see link above.

The current design sizes are: Pig 38.1mm x 70.1 and the Hunting Dog is 37.4mm x 55.2mm - please leave a comment when ordering if you want these in a different size. 

Ideal for airbrushing or stencilling with royal icing, buttercream or dusts.

Stencils are quick to use and enhance the cookies or cakes you are decorating. Common ways of using stencils are with magnetic frames, by using magnets on the corners of the stencils, or simply held by hand. Cake stencils can be taped, pinned or held in place by the use of net. ibicci stencils are primarily made for decorating cookies and cakes however the stencils can be used to apply designs on a wide variety of surfaces including walls, wood, fabric, glass etc. 

The ibicci Landscape stencils measure approximately 5.5"x8” / 14x20cm and with multiple designs fits in the Stencil Genie, allowing designs to be moved within or in a Stencil Snap. ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic