Mosaic Mesh Stencils

Mosaic Mesh Stencils for cookies



From $21.50 NZD

After doing a few test stencils, this was the first of my commercially made Mesh stencils. Designed in the same way the Mosaic stencil (already on the website see here) the same design was used and inverted. A lovely use in Christmas, Garden, Stained glass effect cookies or crafts.

Ideal for airbrushing, stencilling with soft royal icing or for use in crafts.

Mesh stencils are more labour intensive having 8 processes instead of the 4 that normal stencils take. This is reflected in the price. (One set of Mosaic Lines and Spaces took 16 minutes to cut and a further 63 minutes to weed, back, peel, apply mesh, unpeel backing, trim and package)

Mesh stencils are quick to use and enhance items you are decorating. Common ways of using stencils are with magnetic frames such as the Stencil Genie or Stencil Snap, by using magnets on the corners of the stencils, or simply held by hand, taped or with weights.

The ibicci Square mesh stencils measure approximately 5.5" / 14.2cm square and fits the Stencil Genie as shown.

Care: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry or pat dry with paper towels. Ensure they are fully dry before storing. An iron may be used on a very low setting to flatten the stencil but care must be taken.



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