Minecraft TNT + Guide stencils

Minecraft TNT + Guide stencils designed to use with airbrush or royal icing



$12.00 NZD

Ideal for airbrushing or stencilling with royal icing.

Use the guide stencil to mark off the lines for the top/bottom red sections, and/or to place the TNT stencil.

ibicci Minecraft TNT cookies using the ibicci TNT stencil

Stencils are quick to use and enhance the cookies or cakes you are decorating. Common ways of using stencils are with magnetic frames such as the Stencil Genie, by using magnets on the corners of the stencils, or simply held by hand. ibicci stencils are primarily made for decorating cookies and cakes however the stencils can be used to apply designs on a wide variety of surfaces including walls, wood, fabric, glass etc. 

Stencil measures approximately 5.5" / 14cm square and fits the Stencil Genie as shown. Ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy .007mil plastic

Care: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry or pat dry with paper towels.