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LH Polynesian Cookie stencils

ibicci LH Polynesian Square cookie stencil

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ibicci LH Polynesian Square cookie stencilibicci LH Polynesian Landscape cookie stencil

These stencils come from the beautiful design crafted and given to Lilo of Baysik Creations in Hamilton for a girls 21st Birthday cake that represents connections within her whanau and polynesian whakapapa. I have been given permission to release the design and have done a series of panels, cookie stencils and even a circle stencil for the tops of cakes. You can find the whole range here.

The cake with the original stencil looked amazing with the airbrushed 9.5" high version of this stencil as the bottom tier, with a korowai clock for the top tier. See here for more photos

Baysik Creations 21st Cake using the LH Polynesian Panel stencil

Design Sizes:
Square: To fit cookies using the Stencil Genie style frame
Landscape: To fit a frame like the Sugarbelle StencilSnap

Ideal for airbrushing, stencilling with icing or for crafts

Stencils are quick to use and enhance the cookies or cakes you are decorating. Cake stencils can be taped, pinned or held in place with the use of net. ibicci stencils are primarily made for decorating cookies and cakes however the stencils can be used to apply designs on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, card, walls, wood, fabric, glass etc. 

ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic 

Care: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry or pat dry with paper towels.




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