ibicci Custom Stencils

ibicci Custom Stencils - Only to be used AFTER discussing with Kat

Custom Stencil


$61.44 NZD

Please contact Kat in the first instance with details of what you are after - whether for Cake, Cookie or Craft. Include brief details about what sort of design and When they are required for.

Custom stencils are time consuming and need to be scheduled in, so please order as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

Please note: I will NOT copy other stencillers designs. 


THE PRICE SELECTION BELOW - If you wish to include a custom stencil WITH your order, PLEASE CONTACT KAT. She will update the price of the stencil/s and direct you back to this page to pick up the item for your cart. This way, only one transaction will be required. Otherwise, invoices will be sent via Paypal or email for payment prior to dispatch of order.

Please note from January 2019, Custom stencils have a Design Fee of $45.00 minimum ($25.00 for easy designs with Hi-res images supplied) 

For an Exclusive Design, there is an additional Fee of  $165.00 as the stencils provided will not be resold through this website or supplied to any other customer.
Note: Elements of such designs may be used in other designs without prior notification and be sold via the website. This will be as agreed at the time of ordering.

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