DPHUNTING - Hunting Digital Panels 1 & 2

DPHUNTING - Hunting Digital Panels 1 & 2 - Hunter, Dogs, Pig and Deer

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$55.00 NZD

This Hunting Digital Print product has 2 x 4" panels:

    Panel 1: Native forest, Stag, Pig, Dog and Hunter with a few ducks overhead
    Panel 2: Native forest, Dog, Running and standing deer with ducks overhead

As these started off higher panels, please contact Kat if you would like these - they are probably still in the 'to be finalised and uploaded' folder if not here on the website ;)

Most stencils used for these Hunting panels can be found in the Hunting and Kiwiana & Native Flora stencil tag sections, although there may be one or two that haven't quite made it there yet!

This Digital Print design has been created for use with (but not excluded to) edible printers up to A3 size.
As it is a .jpg file, it can be cropped or resized to fit the height of the cake you are wanting to cover, or it can simply be printed out to use with cupcake toppers, cookies. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the digital print purchase once you have purchased and downloaded the file/s.


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