Clover Clover Cake stencil

Clover Clover Cake stencil in various sizes



$35.00 NZD

A clever stencil thanks to Burton, this Clover Clover stencil is perfect for St Patricks Day or any Good Luck cookie or Cake.

Design size shown - Cake 6". Due to the smallness of some of the clovers, less than 3" is not recommended

Closeup of ibicci cookie using the Clover stencil in Green royal
Closeup of stencil done in green Royal straight from fridge, hence textured.

Ideal for airbrushing or stencilling.

The ibicci Cake Stencils measure approximately 11.75"x8.25” / 30x21cm and most designs are cut to allow the stencils to be trimmed as required for placement on the sides and/or tops of cakes. ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic

Care: Rinse gently with warm water, Do Not use hot water as this may cause warping. Lay flat to dry or pat dry with paper towels.


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