Brick Wall Cookie stencils

Brick Wall cookie stencils in 2 designs, 2 sizes



From $8.00 NZD

These brick wall cookie stencils are part of the Brick Wall Stencil Collection - see here for the Cake and long Wrap options.
Brick Wall stencils are great for all sorts of projects - TMNT / Grafitti / Gingerbread houses for some examples

Design Sizes : 
Large bricks - Square: 125mm x 125mm
Large bricks - Landscape: 122mm x 190mm

Medium bricks - Square: 125mm x 125mm
Medium bricks - Landscape: 122mm x 190mm

ibicci stencils are primarily made for decorating cookies and cakes however the stencils can be used to apply designs on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, card, walls, wood, fabric, glass etc. 
ibicci stencils are made out of reusable, sturdy food safe .007mil plastic


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