A3 Hunting Edible images now available at Kiwicakes

  • 25 April 2020
  • Kat Rutledge

Knowing that a lot of Cake decorators do many Hunting themed cakes throughout the year led me to create the first ibicci Hunting edible image for A3 icing sheets.

Using some of our ibicci Hunting stencils together with some ibicci native New Zealand Flora stencils, I overlaid these on a photo taken of the hills behind my property, which is alongside Government House here in Wellington.

Here's the original photo:

Original photo of Wellington Hills behind Government House

Cropping it and adjusting light etc, I created a backdrop and used the Native Forest stencils (used in another edible image for Kiwicakes which you can view here) I then moved the flora images around and brought in more Hunting stencil graphics such as the large stag and ducks in the closeup image shown below

Closeup of ibicci Hunting edible image panel

The full A3 Panels came up much better than I hoped.  

ibicci A3 - bottom part of the Hunting Panel

Top part of the ibicci Hunting Panel

As these can be cut with scissors or a sharp knife, they can be trimmed to fit around a 4" cake.
Matching cupcake or cookie edible images will soon be available on the Kiwicakes website.

If you are interested in having other backgrounds or a different layout, please chat to either Sandra of Kiwicakes, or me here at ibicci. PS - Watch out for the Duckhunting panels in 4" & 6"

#staysafe during Covid-19
Cheers, Kat

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