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Custom Decorated Cookies and Culinary Stencils from New Zealand

(ibicci is pronouced 'i-bickie' - we kiwis love our biscuits!)

Please Note: All prices quoted are in New Zealand $'s

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We have closed out July for taking custom cookie orders. Please enquire Now for any orders from August 2016 onwards.

One of our latest Custom Hand painted cookies was featured recently on Cookie Connection.

ibicci Hand painted custom decorated cookie - 4" Crystal Skull Vodka Bottle    

There is also a small video showing it's decorating progress which can be found here

You can see some of our Edible Art - Hand painted cookies here 


We create and send ibicci stencils all around the world - naturally here in New Zealand, to Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Barbados and all the way to Ireland! We welcome enquiries for Custom Stencils, and can design stencils from images, photos or ideas given by clients. Please click here for further information


Information about the Stencil Genie is here on our website.
We sometimes stock them for local sales in New Zealand - so please enquire.

ibicci Cherry Blossom decorated cookies - ibicci stencils


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