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We have numerous stencils of the World, Northern and Southern Hemisphere and other countries. Check them out here.

We have the largest selection of Polynesian cake stencils in New Zealand (possibly the world!) Check them out here.

ibicci Mesh Stencils work best with Maori curves and spaces and designs that 'bridges' can't always work with. Check out our range here.

ibicci Custom Stencils

Custom stencils for individuals and companies world wide have included Company logos, Paint Your Own designs, Cookier logos, Business names, direction signs, property signage and even a quilting trace stencil for a quilters logo!

Many of these have been 'layered' stencils, For instance, this large 3 part stencil of the MKA Logo.

3 part Custom stencil

If you wish to discuss or order a Custom Stencil, please contact Kat who will evaluate your requirements, your design or image if you already have one, it's quality, detail, and will advise pricing.  Rush custom orders may attract a Rush fee depending on the date required and the complexity of the design. Custom stencils are time consuming and need to be scheduled in, so please order as early as you can to avoid disappointment. 

Please note: I will NOT copy other stencillers designs, Copyrighted designs, images from the likes of Shutterstock, Deviant Art etc. It remains the responsibility of the person ordering to ensure they have the appropriate consent of the artist or originating owner for any artwork to be used. We may ask for proof of this consent.

Please note from January 2019, Custom stencils have a Design Fee of $25.00 minimum (for easy designs with Hi-res images supplied) 

For an Exclusive Cake or Large Stencil Design, there is an additional Fee of  $125.00 as the stencils created and provided will not be resold through this website or supplied to any other customer. (For example - family tribal designs)
Note: Elements of such designs may be used in other designs without prior notification and be sold via the website. 

Thank you.

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