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Whatever the occasion, we can create a stunning array of  Custom cookies for you.

Our Signature cookie flavour is Vanilla with fresh Orange juice/zest and an delicate Orange Cream royal icing.

We can supply Gluten Free, Gluten/Dairy free Vanilla or Vanilla/Orange and have a Honey Egg free option. We use a Vegan Royal Icing for the egg free cookies. We can now supply Vegan cookies using Aquafaba royal icing.

Most sets of Custom sugar cookies comprise of larger detailed cookies, medium cookies and 'fillers'. For example, the Baby set shown below (1 dozen cookies) was a $120.00 option, gift boxed and delivered. Naturally the larger the budget amount, the more cookies or the more detailed Edible Art and special decorating techniques are used. As a guide, a medium detailed cookie is NZ$8.00

We welcome all enquiries - especially those where you have party invitations - we love to work in with you to ensure our cookies match the cake and party theme.

SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR 1st BIRTHDAYS - We offer a special package of  36 cookies for $200.000 including Delivery anywhere in New Zealand for your 1st Birthday party cookies. These can be based on your Birthday Invitations or a particular theme.  For lesser quantities, please enquire as we are always happy to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Use the Contact Us form to send your enquiry - Give as many details as you can - The date required, The occasion, The number of people attending or cookies required (an esitmate is OK).
We will then contact you to discuss any details required, confirm the order and may send you back to this page for payment (that is why there are weird amounts)
(Direct Bank payment is preferred but these options are used for payment by Paypal or Credit Card).

Photos of the cookies/gift box are always sent prior to dispatching your cookie order.

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ibicci Pink Baby decorated cookies


From $84.00 NZD