Made-to-Order NZ Ltd - ibicci

What type of cookies are ibicci?

ibicci decorated biscuits are sugar cookies, not shortbread or sable. Our biscuits have been adapted for New Zealand ingredients and tastebuds and only the best and freshest ingredients are used in our cookies – we love to eat them too!
Our signature flavour is a delicious Vanilla/Orange which uses fresh Orange Zest and juice with a delicate orange Royal icing.
Vanilla/Orange is also available is Gluten and Dairy Free.
Our Egg Free Honey biscuits have a Vegan Royal icing

We do not add chocolate or nuts in any of our cookies, but may use fresh or freeze dried fruits in our speciality range - please enquire.

Do you sell vegan options?

We do have an option for Vegans. Our Gluten/Dairy free cookies can be made egg-free, with an egg-free Aquafaba icing.

We are very specific with out ingredients, ensuring that they are the best we can source.

To enquire further, please contact us.

Do you have cookies for those on special diets?

We have delicious gluten-free recipes which are also dairy-free. Based on solid coconut oil with our signature orange zest and juice, it was very popular at the Marlborough Artisan Market. For Christmas offerings or for those who love gingerbread, we also have a gluten-free, dairy free option.

There isn't a sugar-free sugar cookie option, but we have shipped small 'naked' cookies, that is, without icing to many diabetic people. Having carefully crafted, very tasty wee cookies have been lovely gifts for them, and individually heat sealed means they can freeze them and portion them out as treats.