Made-to-Order NZ Ltd - ibicci

Are my choices limited to what I see on this website?

No, this is just to give you an idea of what we can do, and to make it easy to buy our ‘most popular’ options. We love to customise orders to whatever you need – whether it’s a portrait of someone special or a corporate logo, we can help. Just ask!

Can you do colour-matching?

Yes, we can match to swatches of fabric (like bridesmaids’ dresses) or paint samples. Get in touch & we’ll work with you to create just the right cookie solution for your occasion and colour-scheme.

Can I buy ‘naked’ (or un-iced) cookies?

Yes, definitely. We can provide you with un-iced cookies – you may wish to freeze them for school and work lunches, or you may like to ice them yourself. You just need to contact us to place an order.