Roses Collection

Kat hand drew a Rose Spray in April 2017 to make a Cake Stencil for a NZ Caker - Lisa of Beat-All Cakes in Rangiora, New Zealand for a cake that needed to look like a gift box (you can see this below and more of Lisa's cakes here

Lisa Cowen of Beat-all Cakes Gift Box cake using the ibicci Rose Spray with Surround stencil (Custom)

This Cake stencil design was then broken into 'elements' which were then re-designed into various stencils - both for Cookies and Cakes which has resulted in this beautiful Roses Collection.

All stencils come in 1 part, some then come in 2 or 3 parts and the Stemmed Roses and Cake Stencil are available in 4 part sets - allowing for multiple techniques to be used (for instance airbrushing the stems and leaves then adding the roses and buds with royal), and to add more variations for decorating Cookies, Cakes or Projects - Some examples are shown below and in the individual stencil listings.

ibicci cookies using 2 part stencils   Gold airbrushed cookies using the ibicci Roses Collection stencils   Closeup of ibicci cookies using Rose Collection Stencils

We know many of you are Rose lovers, so if there is a combination you would like a stencil for, please contact us - we are happy to help out.
Same too on sizes - these have been aimed at the smaller scale to achieve a delicateness, but we cut to size as these are our own Exclusive designs. Just let us know in the comments section when ordering.

We eventually want to have all designs in multi-parts, such as the original Rose Spray and will be working on this and any suggestions for the next update.


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