ibicci Corporate Cookies 

'A Heavenly Taste of Art' 

Corporate cookies are fast becoming popular in New Zealand. Whether it is your Company Logo or a special design, we can provide High End quality and Deliciously flavoured sugar cookies for any event.

To enquire about Corporate cookies for your next Sales Event, company promotion or meeting, please contact us with details, and we'll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Below are just some of the examples of Corporate Logo and other cookies, many using ibicci stencils created in-house.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased demand, we ask that orders are placed at least One Month ahead of requirement if possible, especially around peak seasonal times such as Christmas and New Year. 

NOTE: As my operations are based in a small Registered kitchen, for large orders of 200+, please contact Ronda Hensley of Walter & Rose direct  https://walterandrose.co.nz/  They are based in Henderson, Auckland and supply clients such as Moore Wilson, Farro Fresh etc so they are well suited to large and ongoing orders.

I often refer orders to her and work closely with Ronda in regards to custom stencils for Company logos and other special requirements. 

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ibicci Kiwiana and Maori Corporate Thank you cookie gifts

Advance Automotive Christmas Snowglobe Gift cookies

Corporate Coookies